Monday, April 12, 2010

Daisy Chainsaw's "Eleventeen" Album

Holy mother of FUCK I love Daisy Chainsaw! Listening through this album is insane. Starts off with the track "I Feel Insane" and god, you can feel Katie Jane Garside's insaneness as the track starts off with some sort of weird chuckle and noise! And the rest of the song is filled with them too! The album is very sludgy kinda punk and grunge mixed in with some really eerie songs and vocals. It was released in 1992 and the tracks are:

1. I Feel Insane
2. You Be My Friend
3. Dog With Sharper Teeth
4. Hope Your Dreams Come True
5. Natural Man
6. Love Your Money
7. Love Ugly Brutal World
8. Use Me Use You
9. Future Free
10. Pink Flower
11. Waiting For The Wolves
12. Everything is Weird

My favorite tracks would have to be "Love Your Money", "Pink Flower" and "You be My Friend". Love Your Money would have to be one of their most well known songs! It's very energetic and fun, you can just bounce around to it. Pink Flower starts off quite punky but then drifts off into some eerie-ish trip that makes you feel like you're on drugs. And You Be My Friend is quite rock n roll through the guitar solo and the repetitive rhythm makes it quite grungey. And Katie Jane Garside's vocals are so hysterical. I like it! :)

Katie is crazy on stage!

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