Monday, May 3, 2010

So I haven't posted anything on here in awhile...

Cause life is pretty good right now. I only really post things up here if I'm upset. But things are actually going really well. I have someone who has become a part of my life, and they treat me better than anyone has done ever before. It's actually so great, and trust isn't an issue. He can go to parties and drink and I know I can trust that he wouldn't hurt me. It's so fantastic having not to worry.

Like the other night he went to a friends 18th, and I got there really late so he was already plastered. I walked in the garage and there he is, on the floor in a bloody dress and a blonde wig and lipstick smeared across his face. It was fucking hilarious! As soon as he saw me he got up and came over to hug me. He is such a dork but I love it. I really am head over heels.

I lost my best friend. We aren't friends anymore... She started hanging out with some other girl at our school. Whatever.. Yeah it sucks because I dont have that close of a bond with anyone else and she just took it all away and gave it to someone else. Buh. It sucks, but I''m getting over it. I guess she has found someone else to entertain her. gah.gah gahgahgahagaghhgasdh.

Apart from that, Jake pretty much makes me the happiest girl a live. He really is the best I've ever had...

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