Sunday, February 7, 2010

A conversation with 2 junkies

in a McDonald's toilet. Yep. I went upstairs to use the bathroom in the maccas on Elizabeth street and I opened the door to see 2 older women, drinking vodka and holding needles. My first instinct was to leave, but i REALLY needed to go. I opened the door, and as soon as I did they started to talk to me. Saying that they liked my style and that it was "wicked" and that I had cool hair. They told me that they used to be like that when they were my age, all alternative and what not. One of them even said that they used to be a hippy, but just got older and grew out of it. They both said that they dropped out of it as they got older. They had a few laughs about when they were teens and told me to cherish my years. The women left the toilet leaving the bottle of now empty vodka and needles (god forbid whatever was in them) in the sinks. As I was in the toilet by myself, I thought to myself if I was going to end up like them, shooting up and drinking in a maccas toilet. I kinda shuddered to the thought, and still do, but I also wondered if I will ever grow out of my lifestyle. If I will ever grow out of the music I listen to. If I will ever grow out of wearing my doc martens and flanny.

Growing up scares me sometimes.
I don't want to end up like my mother.


  1. just be happy with what you have now and how you are and make the most of every day. you may, just may, grow out of the style, but you'll never grow out of who you are, these years are the foundation for the rest of your life. i dont think you'll be much different anyway :)