Monday, February 22, 2010


The smell of my bedroom after mum had vacuumed it/The feeling of getting in my little boots/When I couldn't wait for the grass to be mowed so I could play soccer and kickball in the backyard/Picking insects off plants/Digging in the dirt with mums best spoons/Collecting worms and butchy boys/Having the time of my life running over the sprinkler/Having my neighbors come play in the blow-up pool/Riding my bike across the rode/The feeling of when I first got my scooter/I'd get excited walking into Toys R' Us/I'd beg mum for those lollies at the super market/When school homework was only on Fridays and it was a page long/When the holidays came you were allowed to stay up for as late as you could/Watching Nickelodeon with Jordan and Loz/Going to Jordan's house and playing in the apple tree/Getting up at 6am to watch Cheese TV/When I'd run to my mum and hug her when I got home from school/Swinging on the clothes line with my brother/Getting into trouble was the worst thing imaginable/Getting smacked by the wooden spoon/Watching cartoons after school, everyday/The smell of the old orange velvet couches we had/When I'd cry from nightmares/Driving to Jordan's in mums red car listening to Silver Chair and Nirvana.

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