Monday, February 15, 2010

No, just... No

I don't care about your social politics! So shut the hell up. Stop trying to always one-up me on how "punk" you are and how much I'm not. I don't care that I don't wear a leather jacket with studs, I don't care that I don't put up a mohawk or wear a tartan skirt! I also don't care how many studs and rips your clothes have, and I also don't give a shit about how you think your top stuff because you know a punk band that I haven't even heard of. What's even worse is that you do this in front of your "punk" buddies, and they laugh!

Well I'm laughing at how hard your trying to fit in with them. I love punk rock music. I love what they stand for. I love the feeling I get from listening to punk. I absolutely love it. But it does not mean that I agree with the social politics of it all. And it does not mean that I will wear what is considered "punk". I'll wear what ever the hell I want, get over it! You make me so furious in how your always trying to tell others about my place in my band! To be honest it has nothing to do with you, and there is no need for you to make comments like "Oh, she doesn't even dress like a punk, why is she in a punk band?"

Playing punk music, is a fucking passion. I love it like nothing else. It's a way I can vent, it's a way I can get what I need to say out to people. It's a way in which I can musically express myself. And I feel that I don't need to express myself through the punk fashion, like you. I know you've wanted to be in a punk band for ages, and I know you've wanted to be in my band for ages! But it gives you no right to try and tell me how it is, and try to make me feel like i don't deserve to be in it because your more of a "punk rocker" than me. You can dress however you please! But if your going to give me crap about how I want to dress and what I believe in, don't even think that I will let you get away with it, without me having a say.

This band is the one thing I have found that I truly love. Don't you fucking dare try and take this away from me. Your a selfish, inconsiderate, snobby punk rocker.

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