Monday, February 22, 2010


"You get angry because i told you to stop saying personal things about me to my friends. You are incredibly selfish and immature, and i cannot fathom how you become so worked up at me and them, when you know perfectly well that they are people who cannot keep their mouths shut. If you want to be mad and push us away, that's fine, but maybe it's time to realize that every person you talk to isn't one for personal discussion, as they clearly don't show enough respect to what your telling them."

I'm incredibly selfish and immature? Oh... I didn't realize. I didn't realize that you were the one who hurt me and left me when I still liked you, and you fucking knew. You took advantage of that didn't you, by telling me that you still liked me, when I was drunk, making me believe that we were going to get back together. So then, out of all hope, you fucked me. At 3am, in a football field. You held me and kissed me and made me believe that we were getting back together. And after you got what you aimed to get, you told me it "wasn't going to work out". You used me. But I'm selfish and immature? You don't have the guts to fuck me when I'm sober, you'll wait till I'm fucking blind drunk. But I'M selfish and immature.

Sorry for befriending your friends too. They opened up to me, so I did to them. One of them told me I could trust them. Maybe I am stupid for believing it, but I've learnt my lesson. All I did was tell them the fucking truth. I told them how I was hurt. They gave me advice and helped me out. I didn't know they could be so heartless.

And it's pretty sad how you have to tell me this. When all I did was push 3 people away that had broken my trust. What else was I fucking supposed to do? What the fuck would you do?

So go on, call me selfish and immature. I've learnt my lesson, and I'm dealing with it.