Monday, January 18, 2010


I feel kinda weird talking about my love life and how shit/good it can be when the people who probably read this (if any) don't really know my back story or personal life and where it begins. And I always like reading about other people's lives and what they have done, where they have been, experiences they have been through, so maybe someone might do the same with me.

My name is Dani. And I'm 17.... boring. I'm in year 12, studying Psych, Studio Art, Health, Media and English. I go to a school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and I love it. It's a co-ed school, and no uniform. So I can have any hair color I please (which tends to change on a weekly basis). It's cool as and it's heaps different from my old school. An all girls catholic school (barf). It was terrible and I'm so glad I finally convinced my mum to let me move schools.

Me and my mum have a VERY rocky relationship. We fight a lot. She suffers from Bi Polar and I do too apparently. I don't like to think I do because I'm still young and it's hard to tell from usual teenage-ness. But I've been told from several doctors and councellors that I might/might not have it. Mum always convinces me and tells me that I do. Ergh. Mind fuck really. Our fights really do get out of hand, to the point where I'm in hospital because she has hit me with a chair across my back numerous times. Intense, I know. But it's something you get used to after a few years. I could sum up our fights with - bruises, i hate you's and authorities. I've dealt with cops coming to my house for domestic violence for years. And they do shit all people, shit all. But it's not always between me and my mum, sometimes it's between her and her boyfriend.

They have been going out for about 10 years now, so he is kinda like a dad to me I suppose, although we barely ever talk. Oh yeah, my mum and my dad seperated after my younger brother was born because he cheated on her several times (that's why I'm STRONGLY against cheaters. yick). I have an older sister and a younger brother, which makes me the middle child. Anyway, my mum's boyfriend is always sick. He has had a lot of operations and he sleeps, a lot. Which is why we barely talk. And my mum always complains about how he never makes an effort and blah blah blah. Same old shit.

I barely see my dad. He lives about an hour away and I only really see him on Christmas, if he isn't busy working or with his girlfriend.

I'm in a band and I play guitar and do vocals. I love this band more than anything I have met so many awesome people because of it. I have made some of the closest friends because of it! I wouldn't give it up for anything. Anything!

I'm kinda bored talking about myself..... so if your interested? Ask?

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