Sunday, January 24, 2010

If I had known i'd miss my innocence this much, I would have fought harder to keep it.

So I was reading a zine that my friend had, and I could really relate to the things the author was saying.

"And no, I am not sorry for who I am. And no, I am not sorry that I will never belong to anyone because of it. "

" Because really, I am meant to belong to someone. It's just that someone, was not meant to be you. Though in the end, I guess everything we started was never really finished. But at least I learnt. "

" I guess we will never really know what could have been, or might have been."

I know I've been caught up about the same guy for months, and I am over him. But it's something I can't erase from my life and forget about it no matter how hard I try. I was hurt a lot, and things like this have happened to me before and I still dwell on them. I may be over the people I was once involved with, but the scars they left never seem to leave me. It's weird. I guess it's lessons I have learnt from the experiences that stick with me. I don't really know....

Being hurt is a complicated thing. Der.

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