Friday, January 8, 2010

Tank Girl... Music...

TANK GIRL, one of my favourite comic books to read and collect. She drives a tank for pete's sake (whoever pete may be, god rest his soul)! She has attitude and her companion is a mutated kangaroo named Booga! Whenever a bad relationship of mine ends, and the guy decided that he can walk all over me, I pull out my Tank Girl comics and read like there is no tomorrow. Her strength gives me strength and makes me think " Oh you know what stupid human boyfriend? I'M GONNA FIND ME A NICE MUTATED KANGAROO AND DRIVE A TANK! BECAUSE THOSE THINGS MASHED TOGETHER ARE SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER THAN YOU!" ... See what I mean yeah? Reading Tank Girl makes me feel ... ultimate... and I like it :) It makes me feel like I don't need a boy to make me feel happy! So I recommend a good read of Tank Girl to any lady who has been stepped all over by a dude! CHYEAH.

MUSIC, okay, so I love my music. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Just like most people! My favorite, ALL TIME band is definitely NIRVANA! I have been listening to them since I was in my mother's womb, you see, she is a big fan too, and kinda got me into them! Kurt Cobain is my musical legend and my hero. He is the reason I started to play guitar! And you know, if he was still alive today and if he died like, tomorrow or something, i WOULD NOT know what to do with myself... Like, i know it sounds harsh to say that I'm glad he passed away when he did, because I didn't have to go through the grief, but that's just being selfish! I LOVE NIRVANA.

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